Featured Artist – Donna Edsel

I was reading about different modalities of woodworking from the various magazines and catalogs sent to my husband who is an avid woodworker. I began thinking there was something in woodworking for me too.

So in 1995, I started working with wood, mostly doing scroll sawing and Intarsia. While I was shaping and cutting the pieces for my Intarsia projects, I began thinking it might be just as easy to carve the shapes. I ordered some carving knives and gouges and a couple of patterns. I was well on my way to being hooked to woodcarving. After carving about 2 years on my own, with the help of some good carving magazines,  I saw a write-up in the Central Point Parks and Recreation flier (published a couple times a year) about a group of woodcarvers meeting at the Central Point Senior Center. Thinking that there may be some help for me in learning how to better sharpen my knives and tools, as well as learn new techniques, I decided to meet the group.

The very next Saturday I was at the meeting and introduced myself to 4 carvers who made up the group. Two of them were just first-timers like me. The other two had been carving for many years. I knew there was a lot I could learn working with someone who had more experience in this very old skill. So began a now 12-year relationship with the group. I was right about working with a group of carvers. One never gets better by carving on their own. We now have about 30 members. I continue to learn new techniques and different styles of woodcarving every year.

My favorite style is relief carving, although I do all types. I enjoy carving in the round, stylized caricature, and sculpting.

I now share my experience and knowledge with the other carvers in our group as well as learn from them. Whether they are beginners, novice, intermediate or advanced, we all enjoy the day.

I have made many friends over the past 12 years. Not only with this group of dedicated carvers, but at the various carving shows have we attended throughout the state each year.