Featured Artist – Bill Newport

I am a native Oregonian born in Silverton, Oregon in 1934.  In 1981 my wife of 50+ years, Meg, and I moved to Arizona. While living in Phoenix, AZ in 1992, I became interested in woodcarving after reading Wood Magazine and seeing a picture of a Santa.  I proceeded to carve that Santa with X-ACTO knives.   I subsequently joined Arizona Woodcarvers, Grand Canyon Woodcarvers, Cactus Woodcarvers, and Young Town Carvers.  I met and carved with several well-known professional carvers.

My preference is caricature carving, although I have carved animals as well as other items.  I get a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from taking a piece of wood and creating a carving from it.  I am an instructor and have been teaching woodcarving for many years now.

When we retired in 2000, Meg and I returned to Oregon and settled in Central Point.  In 2001 I founded and started hosting a small group of carvers at the Central Point Senior Center.  Since that time the group  has grown to 25 people, both men and women, each with a desire to learn the many styles of woodcarving.

I find great pleasure in woodcarving.  By teaching others with the desire to learn, I’m able to share my experience and knowledge, as well as promote the interest in woodcarving as an art.