Featured Artist – Bud Fitzgerald

I started woodworking when I was about six years old when, trying to make a toy out of a 2×4, I cut my thumb.  After salve and bandages, my dad asked me how I did it, and I told him I was using a “handsaw”.  Now after many years of making furniture, toys, boats and many other things of wood, I discovered carving.  My first carving was of a hillbilly sleeping against a stump.  The pattern was in a Wood magazine about twenty-some years ago.  Then in 2000, I saw Bill Newport at the Jackson County Fair.  He told me I would never get any better carving by myself.  And he was right.  After another year, I saw him again and decided to join his group.  Since then I have found my niche is carving animals, as the human face escapes me.  I have carved and built a twelve-animal carousel from plans by B. Smith; also many bears and other animals.  Now I am working on a 2/3rd size Indian stander of Dentzel pattern.  Hoping to finish it this year.