Featured Artist – Jerry Greer

Jerry carving 1In his professional career, Jerry Greer designed and manufactured boats, dune buggies, motorcycles and race car parts. At one time, every car at the lndy 500 had his aerodynamic parts. He, himself, set cross country records with a unique motorcycle design. Designing and mold making required carving the parts first.

Jerry says everything he has done prepared him for the carving he does now and the new business he is embarking on. The Woodcarving Place is a dream come true for him. He wanted to create a place where carvers can come together with like-minded artists to share inspiration.

The goal is to advance public interest in carving and advance the individual skills of the artists. Lessons for every skill Ievel are available.

ln The Woodcarving Place, artists can display and sell their creations. lt is the only source for woodcarving supplies in southern Oregon.

The Woodcarving Place
Located at 205 East D Street, in Jacksonville, OR

Open daily.
Monday – Saturday 10-5 Sunday 1-5